The Best One Bowl Lemon Cake Recipe EVER

So, I know what you’re thinking, too good to be true; right? Well, give this recipe a try, takes less than an hour in total! This cake is forever my current craze 😉


3/4 cup butter/oil

3/4 cup granulated sugar

3 eggs, beaten

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 tbsp baking powder

the finely grated rind/zest of one lemon

4 tbsp lemon juice


  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF/ 180º C. Grease and line a 5-cup loaf pan.
  2. Add all the ingredients except for lemon juice and rind. Beat well until smooth, the stir in lemon juice and rind.
  3. Spoon the surface into the prepared pan and smooth the surface with a spatula. Bake in the preheated oven for 40-50 minutes, or until well-risen and golden brown.

Adapted from ‘1 mix, 100 cakes’ Lemon Drizzle Loaf : Get it on Amazon




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How To Stop Procrastinating (4 Easy Tips To Get Work Done)


Everyone has faced some form of trouble with productivity, and I’m sure you can relate (unless you’re a robot). I’m no master of time either but I’ve managed to settle down that little monkey in my brain enough that I get what I want done. So without beating around the bush (see what I did there), let’s get straight to it.

  1. Write a list – I’ve been doing this since I can remember, and I know you most probably have 500 things on your mind; get it in one place! Even the way you write lists is different for everyone. I discovered that when I’m short for time it’s better to write just a list of three things I need to get done. When I’m more free, I go ahead and write a long string of brain-vomit with the comfort that I don’t need to finish it that day. Sometimes when I’m at a dead end, I just write another list which I know will motivate me to finish up the older tasks.
  2.  Switch of your phone/chuck it in a far corner – Now, I know you really those notifications are important but focus on your priorities! You just wrote a list, don’t go checking you phone every five minutes. You’re never going to get things done that way. If you really need your phone for this one, I suggest switching of your network connection or getting one of those app-blockers that don’t allow you to use apps for a certain period of time.
  3.  Choose a task and set a time limit – So, it’s time to get cracking! You know what you need to do, now just estimate the time you need to get it done and  stop when you’ve reached that time. Then, you can choose to take a break or just finish it off.
  4.  Break, breathe, repeat–  After you’ve crossed out your newly accomplished task, you’re probably getting the hang of it. Feel free to reward yourself with a 15-minute Youtube video binge or whatever suits your fancy. Just repeat steps 2 and 3 and you’re good to go!

Procrastination happens because your brain monkey (it’s still there) is looking for short-term gratification and isn’t really considering the consequences of those actions. Sometimes, playing with that monkey in your brain for while or giving it a treat isn’t so bad a thing. But be careful with letting it control you. With that being said, good luck and I hope you don’t become a monkey-brain!

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Flaunt it to get your dream guy?

via Daily Prompt: Flaunt

These days, most people think showing skin is the new trend. However, I beg to differ.

In my opinion, showing too much off be it your assets, your assets or your daily life (read this gem: Is social media ruining your life? ) leaves no room for imagination. Let’s be real ladies (and/or gentlemen), if your special someone doesn’t like you when you’re looking yourself in your most comfortable clothes; how are they going to manage looking at you for the rest of your lives? Be comfortable and confident in your own skin, you deserve it.

And here comes the philosophical part. You are not your body. You are your personality and your principles and much, much more. That significant other is going to like you for not just your looks, but what you are on the inside. So don’t waste your time thinking you’ll nab a good one by looking extra sexy. There’s a thick line between self-acceptance and craving attention. Make sure you’re on the right side.

Here’s one more important reminder. There is no dream guy. Youtuber Mscaranicole said it better. He/She is going to have the same flaws as you are. Think you can deal with that? Well, start trying to. There’s going to be plenty of things you will have to learn to accept about your partner too, which is why you should have your shit together by this paragraph.

Now, I shall answer the golden question. You know what I think it is you should flaunt? Your time. Find your talents. Discover your personality. All the things you could be doing, go try them out. It will make you all the more interesting for that special someone.

What do you think? Yay or nay? Share your opinions in the comments down below.

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Is social media ruining your life?

Hey guys, social media has been a prevalent and important part of the routines of youth these days. But how much is it truly helping us to connect with those around us?

I quit social media more than a year ago, and what I learnt was amazing and terrifying at the same time. Amazingly terrible, you could say. At first, I was plagued by the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) which was all too familiar to my very involved self. After a year now though, I barely miss it.

Now, I’ve managed to cram the disadvantages all down into these few points:

  • Lowers our self-esteem
  • A waste of time
  • Makes us crave acceptance from society
  • and many more that I have yet to discover

The matter of the fact is, I think social media is doing us more of a disservice than a free app ever could. Every day we scroll through our timelines, comparing ourselves to the filtered and edited ‘best moments’ of our friend’s lives; comparing ourselves to them and questioning our self-confidence? That ain’t no way to live your life. But sadly, that’s what most people my age do.

And the best part is, they do it for at least a few hours a day. Imagine the toll that takes on your mental health! I’m sure you get to catch up on what’s going on with that 50 people you barely know, but I’m pretty sure that time could be put to better use.

Okay, trust me on this one. I know you say you post these photos for yourself. Trust me, you’re not. Then, you’d have a confidential Instagram account to keep this memories to yourself. We all seek for that place where we have sense of belonging. However, social media brings this to another level. Every time you post a new photo, you find yourself questioning if people will like what you post. Don’t think so? It’s subconscious!

Now, I’m sure there are many of you social media lovers out there hating on me right now for bringing down your beloved internet platform. But don’t you think it would be better to catch up with that long-lost friend over Skype? There are some things you’re better of not knowing. Come on, then there’s more to discuss face to face.

You are of utmost importance, I’m not denying that. Still, the whole world needs to know what you are doing every minute of your life. Social media is not reality. What I’m trying to say is you have too much potential to limit yourself to a few photos. Reality is not a pretty as a filtered photo, but being conscious of our real surroundings is what is going to get us where we want to be. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Comment down below on your thoughts. Yay or nay?

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Bucket List Ideas

I’m back! Well, well well. Time flies doesn’t it?

I wrote that my last entry about 2 years ago. And being the ‘changed’ or should I say ‘evolved’ person I am, I’m glad to be able to cross a few things off that list:

  • Study (SPM, ya’ll!) 10 As 😀
  • Bake some delicious, edible things (Definitely did that. Recipes coming up soon!)
  • Photograph some amazing things (Pretty sure I did that)
  • Plant incredible things (Absolutely. Photos up soon too!)
  • AND MORE ………….Well this is where the suspense comes in

With that menial so called mug list being done, let me show you my real ‘adult’ bucket list that you’ll be witnessing me complete 🙂

  1. Exercise almost daily
  2. Make myself proficient in reading Japanese
  3. Be able to do a split
  4. Learn to drive
  5. Become a Girls’ Brigade officer
  6. Get a diffuser
  7. Complete food list
  8. Decide on a university to attend
  9. Learn calligraphy writing
  10. Eat healthy
  11. Go on a date
  12. Try going vegetarian
  13. Be more zero waste
  14. Get income from my blog
  15. Start a herb garden

With that being said, buckle up and get ready for this blog journey! As a bonus, here’s pic of my (mainly physically) evolved cat! Thanks for the read lovelies 🙂 ❤

the beginning. (just)

HEY EVERYONE! It’s nice to meet ya on this virtual space called the internet!

*clears throat* OKAY. I’ve started this blog as a means to communicate my thoughts and ideas to the world, besides as a motivation to myself to do blog-worthy things!

In the future I hope to look back on my past blogs from my 16-year-old self and pat myself on the back, saying “Good job, Isamole, you really did it all!”. So yeah. Watch me, do it all. (Except drugs. And smoking. Stay healthy, kids!)


  1. Study (SPM, ya’ll!)
  2. Bake some delicious, edible things
  3. Photograph some amazing things
  4. Plant incredible things

That’s it for now, folks. See ya! *run away and hides in the corner eating marshmallows*


Btw, here’s a pic of my cat, Cookie, when she was a kitten!